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Voices calling for your requirements throughout the aether.

Star Trek dating, broken wrist fetishes, and terrible sexual climaxes in Episode 9

Jess and Andrew explore the geek-specific on line scene that is dating discuss different household things changed into vibrators, gender certain advertising, and undoubtedly, Cruisin Cragislist! Behold!

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Star Trek relationship! (picture maybe not indicative of users)

Protests, Meatballs, and Nerd Porn on Episode 8

Join us even as we talk passionately about meatballs, homosexual legal rights protests, and sex that is alien.

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Growing Peace’s Equality Home

Double clitted fleshlights that are alien

Ranting and raving on Episode 7

We have only a little serious this week (and a small silly, as always).

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More things that are giant Oz

Cruel Valentine brings the sexy to Episode 6

This we play with your brain AND your pants week. We double-goggle it as Cruel Valentine describes the particulars of OKCupid. Nerd boners galore.

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The Cruel that is lovely Valentine all the stuff!

Lovin’ up on Episode 5

Join us this week for Andrew’s guide to eleventh hour Valentine’s Day hookups*, more Cruising Craigslist down under, and a lot of tangents.

*Creeper stalking guide maybe not endorsed/approved by Jessica.

Nelson Lugo joins us for Episode 4

This week we’re accompanied by producer and magician Nelson Lugo for just one helluva nerdy episode.

Everything Nelson Lugo:

The Charming Trickster himself

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Sure Fuck Cologne – nailed it!

The Nerd Type – Episode 3

By way of our tens of audience for tuning back! Don’t forget to e-mail us the method that you’ve invested Squirrel admiration Month and you also could win a prize that is special!

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Cecil Porter on Instagram

Hold on the package and eat the ass.

The top cap makes it stylish.

Making usage of that creative bone tissue in his human anatomy.

You’re putting me personally where?!

And we’re straight straight back with Episode 2!

Oh hai, 2nd episode!

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Happy Squirrel Admiration Month!(photo by JD)

Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge, Longview, WA(photo by JD)

Most Readily Useful. Costume. Ever.

Marvel helps clean your spouse bits.

Episode 1 is here!

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NSFW – Pterodactyl Porn – NSFW

Like our theme music? Take a look at 8-bit Ninjas.

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