Kasatkin is not afraid of anyone now and can play on an equal footing with almost everyone. Well, Madison Keys is notable for instability, she can take and unexpectedly lose to someone. Now the situation has become better, the results of the young American woman have been quite good lately . But still she's not immune to breakdown. Playing with a girl your age or even one younger than you is especially exciting.

Keyes feels the moment that she has no right to lose now. She will have a nervous state, and the American is not very familiar with Kasatkina's game, because they have not met Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. before. Kasatkina knows what to expect from Keyes. The team will help her, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Keyes. Psychologically, Russians will be easier. Therefore, Keyes does not easily win, although she is such an obvious favorite. I admit that there will be more than 20.5 games in the match.

Of the four matches of the first game day, a surprise, and what a surprise (!), was in only one match. This trend should continue in the remaining 12 matches of the first round. As soon as you feel which match is fraught with surprise?

You can hope for the confident victories of Trump, Dean, O'Sullivan and Kyren Wilson, but with a detailed analysis it is worth excluding the Ronnie match.

Or maybe it's better to choose equal matches and bet on "total over" by frames? And then how? Yesterday Walden had an advantage of 65 points with the score 1: 2. It seemed that here he is - the score is 2: 2 and "total over 5.5" passes. So no! Hawkins won the frame by one point, and then the total score of the meeting was 4: 1.

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It remains to rely on intuition. And the rates are worth trying different.

Looking forward to Judd Trump and Ding Junhui in good shape.

I hope that Grace will impose a serious fight on Yan Bintao and take at least two frames. Lu Ning and Robbie Williams are unlikely to resolve their dispute before the sixth frame.

Believe in Mark Allen's class. Here, I believe, there are two options: a confident victory for the Irishman or a fierce equal fight. I like the first option.

The Men's Final Six is ​​finally starting, which will be held in Moscow.

In the second match of the game day, two principled teams will meet: Zenit St. Petersburg - Fakel.

Petersburg "Zenith" arrived in a full-fledged composition, but the main question is different: "Will Viktor Poletaev play?"The head coach of St. Petersburg, Tuomas Sammelvuo, said in an interview yesterday that this issue will be resolved 15 minutes before the match. That is, in other words, no matter how Victor plays (if he comes out), he will need time for stability in the attack after a two-month pause.

Despite all the efforts and efforts of his replacement, Ivan Podrebinkin, it will not be easy for him to attack with quality conversion against opponents such as Fakel and Dynamo. The whole attack will go through the central players and side players. Is this enough to win? I think not.

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"Torch" dark horse "Final Six". Great sensations are not expected from the team of Mikhail Nikolaev at this tournament. But it was this team that won the St. Petersburg team three times this season!

Urengoy people are not famous for their star legionnaires. They calmly play their volleyball and win the league leaders on the courage. The bulk of the programs will go through the trio: Zhigalov - Bogdan - Volkov. How this trio will prove themselves, this will be the outcome of the match.

Bookmakers for this match should have given an equal line: 1.90 / 1.90. But we see a completely different picture. At the moment, both teams are equal. The match will take place on a neutral site, which is undoubtedly a big plus for Fakel. On this site, "Fakel" has already beaten Moscow "Dynamo". I will not be surprised at the next victory of the wards of Mikhail Nikolaev.

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