No Strings Connected by Harper Bliss: Audiobook Review

No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss may be the very first guide in her Pink Bean show. This toaster range romance is sweet, sexy, and certain to satisfy (plus it’s better yet in sound).

Micky Ferro happens to be divorced for the and her ex-husband and kids still don’t know why she ended the marriage year. Whenever her friend that is best, Amber, encourages her to help make a improvement in her life, Micky gets work as being a barista during the Pink Bean. Inside her very first week pulling shots of espresso, Micky discovers by herself face-to-face with a lovely, yet hard consumer. Later that week, the bitchy returns that are american asks Micky down on a night out together.

Robin works out not to be bitchy after all and provides Micky the evening of her life, confirming Micky’s long-held suspicion that she’s a lesbian. Robin will simply take Sydney before the end of the season, so just why maybe maybe not accept her offer for a small fun with—you guessed it—no strings connected.

The Figures

This really is Micky’s guide and she’s beautifully written. Her identification had long centred on her behalf functions as spouse and mom. Carving down an identity aside from her family and arriving at terms along with her sex inside her 40s is not simple, as well as the mixture of hope, fear, and vulnerability is relatable and authentic. Her self-consciousness in the distinction between her human anatomy and Robin’s young, fitter human body had been specially done well.

Robin is extremely distinctive from Micky, confident with casual relationships as her job takes her from nation to nation. She might get ready to lay out origins, but her desire for house is apparently more about place than individual. Starting by by herself towards the probability of a long-lasting relationship is huge, and I also adored exactly how she expanded in order to make a place inside her life for Micky and her family members.

The Writing Style

C’mon. It’s Harper Bliss. Needless to say it is well crafted. No Strings Attached is still another exemplary guide that she published in 2016.

The Narration

We actually wasn’t sure in regards to the narration to start with. I’ve enjoyed publications narrated by Angela Dawe before, nonetheless they were all in identical hetero series that is paranormal. As soon as my mind accepted the improvement in genre, we enjoyed it. I will realize why some readers have stated they wished an Australian had narrated No Strings Attached, but Angela Dawe did this type of job that is wonderful I really finished up placing this to my favourites list!

The Advantages

Every thing about No Strings Attached is fantastic, but the one thing may be worth noting right here: it will an incredible task of examining the anxieties around developing in your 40s, particularly when every person that you know thinks straight that is you’re.

Additionally that fabulous narration.

The Cons

We can’t think about any.

In Conclusion

We liked No Strings connected and suggest it wholeheartedly, particularly if you’re trying to find a love with ladies who aren’t inside their 20s.

Excerpt from No Strings Connected by Harper Bliss

“how come a lady of the age operate in a location similar to this?” Robin did let up n’t. She had the type or sort of sound that, Micky suspected, got lots of things done.

“Circumstance,”Micky stated, but just because she needed to respond to one thing.

Not just did Robin order the absolute most absurd beverage, she had been additionally putting on an insane outfit, she’d been rude to Micky without providing an apology, and also the tone she addressed Micky with was scarcely convivial. Micky desired to simply get right up and then leave. This work had been designed to enable her, not need the reverse impact.

“Ha, you’re the type that is mysterious stated. “That’s ok. Colors me personally intrigued. Are you going to at the very least let me know your name?”She had the audacity to smile seductively at Micky.

Wait. Had been that actually just exactly what that smile appeared to be?

Micky’s head ended up being going to start spinning.

“Well, Micky, think about when I come in, I ask you out tomorrow? I’m giving you a heads-up since you seem like the sort who may have to give some thought to it for at the least twenty-four hours.”

Micky’s jaw slacked. “What?”she handled to express after a couple of long, embarrassing moments.

“Think about it.”Robin winked, then seemed away and downed her coffee in some big gulps. She said, “I need to hit the shower and get to work when she got up. See you the next day.”

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