Despite our stringent standards and quality checks, there is sometimes a case when the product you have ordered from us is damaged or functionally defective. Creatic warranty policy aims to offer quality assurance to customers.


Any damage resulting from the use of the product in conjunction or connection with accessories, products not approved by CREATIC.

Any damage caused by repair work performed by any unauthorized repair center / attempted by the end user.

Any product that has the serial number / identification label / safety label has been defaced, altered or removed.

Any tampering/ unauthorized apps/ software programs installed subsequently.


Repair or replacement will be carried out through CREATIC Service Centres only.

No repair attempt is made by non-authorized person. The Warranty is applicable if said product is in warranty period.

If the product is in warranty and not getting repaired, we will replace the product with a new one.

Tech Products have warranty for one year.

All kinds of bags have warranty for one year.

Support  for  Out  of  Warranty  Products

Products will be repaired only if they are repairable (as decided by CREATIC TEAM) and repair will be done under chargeable basis if the product is not in warranty. (charges for the repairs, spares, servicing cost and it would be informed to the customer before repair).

Warranty  Terms  and  Conditions  are  subject  to  change  without  any  prior  notice

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